Life & the Power of Your Mind

One Bit News want to introduce our own mind-coach here in the magazine.

He will write for us on a monthly basis and share his wisdom of thought.  Introducing to you, Everyday Coach:

Well first of all let me tell who I am, and then I’m going to tell you what I will be writing about for OBN.

I’m a man soon to be 40. So I’m born in 1978. I’m married with 2 children, to girls in the age of 21 and 15. I have an awesome wife that I have been married to for more than 15 years.

I started working and making my own money when I was 11. At the age of 15 in did my first investments on the stock market, starting with funds and going for single stocks after 3 years. Did I make some money? Yes! At that time I received plenty back on my investments…  but spent most of it when after I turned 21😊

I started of with my first full time job at the age of 19. At that time I had just finished school and wanted to start earning some “big” money. My first job was actually as a Manager at a clothing store, we sold the Danish brand Jack & Jones. I had this job for about a year before I moved on. I wanted to earn more money. So I need to move to the big city, to the capital of Norway, Oslo. There I got a job in the telecom business. Selling telephones and computers B2B. This was a pretty good job, I won all the sales contests from the first month until I quit my job after 1 year. I did not like to live in Oslo, to big, too much people and to much fake personalities. I moved Back too my hometown, Fredrikstad and started on a new path. I got a job at CandyKing, as a District Account Manager. Futher on I changed occupation several times before I ended up in a bank I 2008. Here I started up as an Financial adviser, within a few years I had showed my capabilities and got the job as Bank Manager for a small branch with about 40 employees. Coaching them, in charge of insurance and loan advisers for the costumer service.

So there you have it, some info about my professional road to where I am today.

With all this changing occupations I have learned a lot about how different people work, about sales, about great minds, great sellers, How to lead, how to not be a leader. I have met different coaches, been inspired by a lot of people. And been working with a lot of great people.

The coaches I have worked with have been very educational and good for me to grow as a leader and of course as a person. My life motto is **Carpe Diem** And this is one motto that can have different meaning for you then for me, and neither is more wright then the other.

In the upcoming posts I will write about some of the books I have read, introduce you to some of the coaches I follow online. I hope you will join in and give comments and share your experiences with life and what I write about.

Most of what I write about when I will give advices, you will probably thing, I know this, this is nothing new. And then you are correct. This is normally called common sense. What I mean to say is that even if you know something it does not mean that you act on it. Or use it in your day to day life. Here is where this comes in. You need to act on what you know, be open to learn and be willing to learn and do what is needed. Don’t give up and see mistakes as a lesson, not a failure.

Looking forward to come out with the next issue, where I will start with an introduction of a Great coach that you would like to know and work with.

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