Steemmonsters blog by OBN part 4

Hi folks!

It is now only two days left of this season, and the rush for a higher rank has started.


To day was the last day we at OBN was battling for the daily quest. It was a fight with the death splinter and it took some matches before we got our five wins.


Now the fight for positioning for a higher rank has started. We are going to buy us up to a max lvl Haunted Spider, that will give us a bit harder deck since it is the death splinter that we see will give us the most benefits for a top 100 rank this season also.

It seems like this season has brought up some new players that are fighting with some pretty nice decks. So, we are curious if we can make it all the way this time.

If you have any questions please let us know in the comments below, maybe you will get a nice upvote from us.

Once again a huge thanks to @steemmonsters for bringing us this great game!

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