Steemmonsters blog by OBN part 5

The final day of this season is here. Battle all day long!!!


But first, we were so lucky that our final daily quest was five wins with the life splinter. This is our second hardest deck and we manage to fight of almost every contestant, giving us 15 new cards two power up.


The best of all was that we manage to fight and win over this guy with a name that we don’t support.

Look at the match and let us know what you think of this kind of names here at Steemit.


Any way, as we were saying we are now fighting to try to reach top 50. Atm we are at all time high position 74.

The fights are getting tougher and tougher, leaving us with a high amount of minus points for each loss.


We will keep fighting for the next 7 hours and come back to you with the final result tomorrow.


Hope you like our little monsterblog and pleas come give us some feedback if you have any questions or want to read more about Steemmonsters.

Thank you @Steemmonsters for giving us this great game!

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