Steemmonsters blog by OBN part 6

The end of the season and start of a new.


Our goal to reach top 50 last season was devastated with our worst loosing streak in the history.

We had probably 15 looses in a row, leaving us in 151 place at the end of the season.

Now we have to sit down and analyses what went wrong.

We will come back stronger this season, where we will try to build up our life splinter to be our top deck.

For the moment we have the Death splinter as main deck, but it seems like it has been nerfed or something since we are loosing a lot more battles than we did before.


Now the new season has started and it is gotten a bit shorter, it has gone from 18 to 14 days it seems.


We are now cruently fighting with the fire splinter to get our daily quest.

As we at OBN want you to also start trying out the game from @Steemmonsters, we will come with a tip of the day for you so you can increase you game-play in the coming days and weeks.


The tip of the day is:

Always start your deck with a tank card, otherwise you will find your opponent running through you like a semi-trailer hitting a stack of paper in 100 miles per hour.

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