Steemmonsters blog by OBN part 7

To day we started out playing the quest with the fire splinter, a deck that we don’t have the hang on.


So, after a lot of loses we decided to change the daily quest. The new one was to win five matches with the water splinter. Earlier we have thought that this splinter was quit hard to play and we have had our self a share of looses with water in the past.

But today we got an awakening on how to play the water splinter and we actually had five wins in a row.

We did some analyses of the matches and tried out a couple more and found out that if you play the water splinter deck right it just may take us all the way to reach our top 50 goal.

So from now on we are building up the water deck, meaning we will invest a quiet amount of STEEM and Dollars and we do this so we can give you all some good feedback on how you could make playing with the water splinter great.


Tip of the day:


If your daily quest turns out to be with one of your weaker decks, you can change this once every 24 hours. So, go for the win and change the deck if you are facing to play your lowest cards.


If you have any questions for us, feel free to leave a comment, you will probably get a good upvote and an answer to you question.

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