Steemmonsters blog by OBN part 8

After yesterday’s try and error with the fire splinter and change to water, we at OBN think that we have found our new top splinter.


We have done some additional fights with the water splinter and we can say that we just love it.

This summoner gives us a huge variety of playing the game to it full potential. You can use close combat units with a great back up with magic casters. And leving a archer to protect your back seems to be almost over power. We are doing some more test and try outs with different setups of the cards to day, but we have a new favorite.

Now we are going to do some major upgrades on the water splinter in the coming days and weeks.

And at the moment we will have three different splinters that can go to the fight and stand victorious.


Tip of the day:

Remember to protect your back, meaning that let the last card be either a self-healer or at least a flying creature. In this way your opponent won’t tear you up from behind.


I you have any questions to us, pleas leave a comment. You will probably get a huge upvote from us

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