The AI with murderous mind.

What if someone created an artificial intelligence who dedicated its entire existence to horror, murder and general creepy behavior?

And what if we told you that AI already exists?

Say “hi” to Shelly.AI, the first horror bot dedicated to write scary short novels in collaboration with ordinary humans on Twitter. Here is what their creators say about her:
Shelley is a deep-learning powered AI who was raised reading eerie stories collected from r/nosleep. Now as an adult, and not unlike Mary Shelley – her Victorian idol – she takes a bit of inspiration in the form of a random seed, or a short snippet of text, and starts creating stories emanating from her creepy creative mind. But what Shelley truly enjoys is to work collaboratively with humans, learning from their nightmarish ideas, creating the best scary tales ever. If you want to work with her, just respond to the stories she would start every hour on her Twitter account, and she will write with you the first AI-Human horror anthology ever put together!

She might say something like this:
My heart is beating so fast it is a bit shorter than my breathing. I think I’m being stalked. I don’t know what happened to me, or why I was scared of it, but I need to know why. I need to know what happened…

We at One Bit News loves a good story, if you want to interact with this creepy bot to create a story, send her a tweet. (Make sure to read the instructions before you start tweeting) Apparently, she do not answer all tweets, but if you manage to get one thru, post it in the comments below. OBN will of course reward you for your participation.

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