Chef Watson

In the latest editions we have seen some attempts to reproduce or even exceed our human intelligence and creative power.

Reply to emails and write creepy short stories. It’s complicated enough if you are a computer program of a lot of 0 and 1. And the result is also often a bit diffuse. But what if we try something that is actually a profession? For example, a chef?

IBM has tried to figure out this and uses one of its supercomputers to run Chef Watson. Watson is most famous for beating all its human competitors in Jeopardy.

With Chef Watson, you can choose one (or more) ingredients that you want to cook with, then choose what you want to make. Burger, paella, bread etc …. And then you add a “style”, Italian, 4th og July, or “back to the school” (?) Or Christmas dinner maybe.
Then, IBM finds out what fits in with ingredients based on your choices and deep knowledge of what actually fits together with ingredients and flavours. Since it is not obstructed by human prejudices and habits, it can suggest the strangest things, such as: For example, Vietnamese apple pie and Belgian bacon pudding.

For example, I love bell peppers and bread. Besides, I claimed that I have birthday soon, even if it is not true. But birthdays are party, and party means tasty and nice food. As a proposal, I received “Birthday Bell Pepper Focaccia”.
This is definitely something I’m going to make.

Chef Watson makes it all look very easy, but behind the simple front there is a lot of work mapping of the “taste buds chemistry” and our overall taste preferences. The picture below illustrates how complex our taste senses are in a nice way.

We in One Bit News will use Chef Watson in the future when creativity on the food front stops to get a push in one direction.

Have you made anything or been inspired by Chef Watson, please tell us in the comment field.

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