Conspiracy theories

Lets look at some conspiracy theories that exist among the general public today.

First, an explanation of what a conspiracy theory is:

This is stated in Wikipedia: A conspiracy theory attempts to explain the underlying cause of a political, social or historical event as a secret and often derivative conspiracy, staged by a secret alliance between powerful people (sometimes referred to as “an unseen power elite”) and not as open activities or as natural events.

Ok, then we have gotten explained what a conspiracy theory is. What’s more exciting are all the different conspiracies that are out there. We look at three classic conspiracies below.

We never landed on the moon in 1969.
It all was rigged by the United States / NASA to make Russians use unreasonable high amounts of money to build their own space program. This use of money should have been a long-term goal of breaking the Soviet Union economically. Others again believe that humans never could survive in space where radiation would be fatal to humans.

The pyramids in Egypt were built by extraterrestrials.
A number of people with Erik Von Danicken in the lead believe that the Egyptians were helped by alien creatures to build the pyramids. They conclude this with the technology of the time was not enough for people to be able to build something as big as pyramids. At the same time, a number of hieroglyphs have been found from the time that can show the spacecraft alongside all the other hieroglyphs.

Finally, in this issue of conspiracy theories, we look at Illuminati. A worldwide sect or order whose goal is to enlighten the world to see the oppression and lack of free will, that is held down by the Roman Church, among others. Most people know Illuminati from Dan Brown’s book Da Vinci code.  What is fun with Illuminati is that this is an order or sect that is actually sure that has existed. It was founded in 1776 in Germany. However, it was later banned and dissolved. The order should have had as many as 2,000 members.

What do you believe?
This was briefly about three known conspiracy theories.  What do you think about these? Is it a fact or fiction?

Pleace, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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