Rescam; Let’s use the email scammers time

There have been many clear and critical voices against artificial intelligence in the public debate lately. Personalities like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have both warned against Ai, so here in One Bit News you get an example that Ai can be on our side.

Most of us have seen them, the emails from unknown lawyers in a distant land claiming they have managed to identify you as the only surviving relative, they only have a little trouble with the consulate. If you pay a small fee of 100 USD, you will get 100,000,000 USD back in a no time. Or how about ordering potent “blue pills” at the best price on the market? And who has not dreamed of a life partner who pays for their business studies with photoshoots and modell jobs?

For most of us, these messages are only noise in the in box, but on a global scale, spam email is a major issue that costs society enormous amounts and uses of our time. But what can we really do to put an end to this problem? Effective filters can reduce the problem on the recipient’s side, but it does not affect the sender. There are plenty of email addresses. And if they cannot send to you, they will send to someone else. In total, 14.5 billion spam emails are sent each day, it accounts for almost half of all email traffic. (45% following

This is where comes in, by using artificial intelligence in the form of a chat bot they reply to the spam emails on your behalf. Just forward the email from the attorney who is having trouble with the ambassador, and the rescambot keeps the people behind these emails busy for a long time to come with stupid and hopeless questions. As a result, less time will be spent trying to trick others. Rescam analyses the data they get back improve their service. Rescam is a service developed by the New Zealand non-profit organization Netsafe to bring spam emails into the spotlight. This service is open for all to use. Just forward your spam email to

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