The thunderbird is said to be a big bird, bigger than an eagle, gribb and condor and shall exist on the mainland of the United States.

There are stories of the thunderbird from the native Americans who tell of a great creature that floated high into the air and could carry the soul of people over to the other side.
It was also regarded as a spirit animal that one could relate to.

First obesrvation

One of the first observation made in recent times dates back to 1890 when two cowboys have shot a giant big bird somewhere in Arizona.
This bird should have had featherless wings and a face that could look like an alligator.
The description should have been similar to what one believes prehistoric pterodactyl looked like.
They brought the bird back to a small town where they nailed it to a tavern.
It is said that the wingspan was going all across the bar.

20th century

In the 40’s, a number of observations were made of the bird in Illinois.
Many described that they first thought it was a plane that passed over them, but soon realized that there had to be something else when the wings began flapping.

In 1977, three boys at the age of 10 were out playing on a lawn, also this in Illinois, when two big birds chased them. Two of the boys got into safety while the third one was not so lucky.
One of the birds put the claw into the boy’s shoulder and lifted him about one meter up into the air and carried him some distance. He managed to fight himself free, but got some bad injuries in his shoulder and upper arm.
Eyewitnesses say that the birds were huge, completely black with a white ring around the neck.
This fits the description of condors only that these birds had a wing span well over 4 meters, much larger than other birds to compare with.

Scientists today

Many scientists today believe it is unthinkable that there will be such a large undiscovered bird in the United States, a country where technology would have found such a creature if it existed.
But, nevertheless, new sightings of the thunderbird still appear, and the most zealous believers are still searching for it.

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