This time we will put our eyes on Bigfoot`s cousin, no, it’s not the Yeti in the Himalayas, but, the lesser known Yeren who lives high up in the mountains of China.

According to eyewitnesses, the Yeren should be slightly smaller in size than a Bigfoot and have longer, more reddish hair. The size should be from 180 to 240 cm and have a strong, edged face with a large lower jaw. Nevertheless, this face should be more like a human being than his relatives, Bigfoot and Yeti.
Despite its height, he is less robust than his two more famous relatives.
It is made a rare observation of a white Yeren, this is thought to be a form of albinism or it can be very old examples of the species.

There have been hundreds of eye witnesses of the creature, most of them made around a remote area called Hubei. It is also here most footprints and hair remnants have been found.
In earlier times, it was thought that the Yeren was an aggressive creature, but in recent times it has been concluded that it is quiet, calm and don’t like contact with people. Should you still get in touch with it, you should keep calm, Yeren will in most cases keep quiet and wander of.

Even if the Yeren is thought to be a peaceful being things can happen. According to a news article, a woman got kidnapped by one. She was held in a cave with the Yeren for a month.
During this time, she had become pregnant and later given birth to a child.
The story says that this offspring died around 22 years old. And had been dead sometime when this article came to some scientists. Nevertheless, samples of the remains of the person was studied, these samples shown both human and ape like features.

There are several theories around Yeren’s origins. Some say it stems from a previous branch of the human three the Gigantopithecus, which was an early sample and lived in the area. Another suggestion should be a new type of monkey that has remained hidden in the vast, deserted areas of the region.

According to ancient Chinese history, there are also many stories about forest men, wildlings and spirits, etc. These creatures originate from magic areas in the forest where all kinds of weird things can happen or so says the Chinese folk lore.

And who knows, maybe Yeren is one of the creatures that comes from such a magic forest?

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