DIY antibiotics kit anyone?

Antibiotic properties can be found anywhere in the nature. Where would you look for it?

From time to time our bodies gets themselves into more bacterial trouble than they can deal with.

For almost a century now we have had antibiotics to help our bodies to get back on track. These days we get our supply from a pharmacy, but antibiotic properties can be found all around us in the nature. It’s not as synthetic as you might think. It might not occur to you that you can search and identify antibiotics yourself. But for only a few dollars you can!

Over at they have put together a kit that can help you get going. Now, Onebitnews have no deal going with, we just found it interesting to philosophize over the fact that something that appears to be “high level science” to most of us, can actually be copied with simple means, some luck and a bit of your spare time.

No one really knows the direction the search for antibiotic treatment will lead us, what do think?

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