Steemmonster blog by OBN part 1

We at OneBitNews have over the past couple of months started to study the new card game, build on the STEEM engine and is brought to us from @steemmonsters

We have found the game to be rather funny and are satisfied with the way it us build.

It is, as far as we can see, fairly balanced and gives us fair battles.

We at OBN are going to give you some analyses from the game in the coming weeks based on the battles we are fighting.

If you who are a reading us are wondering what kind of game steemmonster is, we will be coming with a lot of gameplay and share some of our tactics in the coming days and weeks. We can also recommend that you log on to the game here: and follow @steemmonsters here at Steemit.

For you who know how the game plays we can tell you that last season OBN finished at a respectable 85th place in the tournament. We are going to push even further in this season and having a goal to be in the top 50 rank.

We are not sure how many that are playing the game, but we think it is at least 10.000. Are you a gamer or want to be one we can relay recommend steemmonster to try out.

If you who follow us have any questions about the game, please write us a comment below and we shall try to give you a good answere.

Hope to see you in our next update on Steemmonsters!

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