Steemmonsters blog by OBN part 2

We are back with part 2 of the Steemmonsters blog.

This time we are going to just sum up the day of fighting to get this day quest.


The mission goal to day was to win five battles with the life splinter.

For you who wonder there are five main splinters, fire, earth, water, life and death.

There is also a dragon splinter, but there is no daily quest with them so far.


We are currently fighting in the diamond league where there are no limits for monster lvl.

The Life splinter is as for now the second toughest deck we have, where the summoner at max lvl and a some of the playable cards as well.


We had to play 6 games to get the five wins, so we are really happy with this day outcome of the fights. There was no great cards in the price pool, but we got manage to build up the deck a bit.


Here you can see the initial match in this quest.


For more Steemmonsters info tune in at our next blog!


If you have any questions for us, please leave a comment.


Thanks again to @Steemmonsters for making this great game!

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