Steemmonsters blog by OBN part 3

Oh boy!!! This was a though day for fighting.



To day the quest was to win five games with the earth splinter. We are still playing in the diamond league where the all the summoners and monsters can be played in max lvl.

Our earth splinter is currently at lvl 6, with max is 8 and the monsters are mostly low lvl also.


The fighting started ok with us taking the first blood. Then we got two defeat and one player that forfeited, leaving us with the victory. Then we got another victory and things seemed to be in a flow like it was yesterday. Then we got in a losing streak we haven’t had in a good while.

Eight loses in a row is hard to take. Our opponents during this terrible losing streak were guys we could match with either our death or life splinter. But, with earth it was a manslaughter.


Then we manage to break out and win one and get another who forfeited so we at last could claim our daily quest.

The price cards were mostly ordinary cards, but the deck is growing tougher.


Giving you two links to watch this time.

The first a great fought battle from OBN and the second you can see what we were up against during our losing streak.

Link 1:

Link 2:


A big thanks to @Steemmonsters who are giving us this great game.

Hope to see you again in our next steemmonsters blog and feel free to leave any comment about the game.

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